1. The ordering party of the Poll is Kraków City Council.
  2. The Organiser of the Poll is Eurobuild Conferences, which is owned by Eurocee Sp. z o.o., registered at ul. Sarmacka 13/92, Warsaw, 02-792, and entered on the 13th Commercial Department of the National Court Registry under KRS no. 0000391464, Tax Identification No. 951-23-44-919, REGON statistical no. 143186933, and the publisher of the Eurobuild CEE monthly magazine, as commissioned by Kraków City Council.
  3. Whenever the regulations include the following expressions:
    a) Personal Data Administrator – this is to be understood as the Poll Organiser.
    b) Participant – to be understood as an individual who operates a real estate development company in Poland and who submits an entry for the Poll in accordance with its terms and conditions within the due time.
    c) Regulations – to be understood as this document with subsequent amendments.
    d) The Website – to be understood as the website, which has been set up for the execution of the Poll.
    e) Communication Channels – to be understood as the Eurobuild CEE website ( in particular), social media (Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook), mailings, invitations, online ads (banners) and direct contact with the Participant.
    f) Entry Form – to be understood as the questionnaire form submitted, including the name and description of a project, information about the current tenant/owner of the facility, the personal data of the person making the entry and their approval of the Regulations. The entry form is available on the Website.
    g) Attachments – to be understood as photos of the buildings voted on. These Regulations are binding for the Ordering Party, the Organiser and the Participants and they stipulate the terms and conditions of participation in the Poll as well the rights and obligations of all the parties.
  4. The Organiser will verify the validity and acceptability of the data entered on the Entry Form, and will confirm the receipt of the entry for the Poll and contact Participants with regard to anything of importance related to the organisation of the Poll, e.g. that any missing information has to be provided on the entry forms.
  5. Only entities complying with the conditions stipulated in the Regulations are entitled to participate in the Poll.
  6. The contents of the Regulations are available on the website set up for the Poll. The contents of all the announcements and information concerning the Poll will be published by on the Website or in the Communication Channels. All correspondence relating to the Poll will be conducted via the Website, the post or e-mail, unless stipulated otherwise.
  7. By accepting these Regulations the User consents to the processing of their personal data by the Administrator.


  1. The basic goal of the Poll is the promotion of a modern image for Kraków through the selection of the best office projects developed in Kraków in the last five years, characterised by the high quality of their architecture and workmanship, their elegant appearance, how they fit into their environment, their contribution to the city’s spatial arrangement, their functionality and how user-friendly they are, including the green and energy-efficient solutions they employ and whether they are in ideal locations and have the required transport links.
  2. The Poll will operate under the ‘KRAKÓW’S ACES’ name.
  3. The Poll will be addressed to the office facilities developed by the Participants of the Poll, and which fulfil the following conditions:
    a) The building must have been put into operation between January 1st 2012 and August 31st 2017 inclusive, as stated in its occupancy permit.
    b) The building must be located in Kraków.
    c) The building has been leased to one or several tenants.
    d) The building must house the premises of a company/companies that operate in the BSS sector.
    e) The building serves, partly or fully, as a place for office/intellectual work. The office function must constitute at least 50% of the facility’s useable area.
    f) The building must have a total area of at least 5,000 sqm.
    g) The class of the building must be at least B+.
  4. The award categories will be as follows:
    a) Green Office Facility
    b) User-Friendly Office Facility
    c) Most Interesting Office Facility
    d) The Grand Prix


  1. The Poll is addressed to commercial developers.
  2. The Poll has an open format, which means that the Organiser will select candidates for individual categories but nominations can also be entered that are not included on the Organiser’s list. Companies/institutions are requested to enter their own projects or the projects of other companies for individual categories via the website. The Organiser reserves the right to reject candidacies while providing an explanation for their decision in such a case (e.g. failure to comply with the criteria for a project’s entry in a given category).
  3. In order to submit a project companies will be requested to fill in an electronic entry form which will appear on the website. On this form the companies will be requested to provide key information about the project and attach appropriate photos.
  4. Participants must attach real photos of the building as opposed to visualisations.
  5. A Participant can nominate several of their projects for the Poll. Each of the projects can only be assigned to one of the following categories: Green Office Facility, User-Friendly Office Facility or Most Interesting Office Facility.
  6. By entering the Poll, the Participant accepts the terms of the Regulations, including their consent to publish all the information included in the Entry Form apart from contact data.
  7. By submitting the Entry Form with the Attachments, the Participant declares and confirms that they have obtained all the third party approvals and permits required by law and necessary for nominating a facility and participate in the Poll, and that this participation in the Poll – in particular the publication of Attachments – will not infringe any of the rights of the third parties, in particular their intellectual property rights.
  8. Applications will be accepted until September 20th. Applications sent after the deadline will not be accepted. Organiser reserves the right to extend the deadline for accepting applications, about which the Organiser is obliged to inform in advance by publishing a relevant information on the website of the Poll.
  9. The Organisers shall not be held responsible for the materials and contents published on the Website or the claims of third parties relating to a Participant’s entry in the Poll.
  10. Participation in the Poll does not involve any costs or fees.
  11. Winner in all categories will be announced during the award gala which will take place on December 5th 2017 at Kraków City Hall during the Kraków’s Forum Nauka-Biznes-Mieszkańcy-Samorząd. The nomination of the project entitles representatives of the company to participate in the Forum Nauka-Biznes-Mieszkańcy-Samorząd and especially in the discussion about the real estate market and the award gala.
  12. The list of projects nominated in individual categories will be published on the website of the Poll.


  1. The Poll is intended as a survey of the users of office buildings (i.e. BSS companies).
  2. By calculating these users’ votes to indicate the best facilities in a given category, the Organiser will select the winners of the individual categories.
  3. The distribution and receipt of the questionnaires will take place via e-mail.
  4. Those voting should cast their votes for the project they like the most in each category, i.e. they should cast one vote for each category.
  5. The project that receives the most votes in each category will be the winner.
  6. A joint prize will be awarded in the case of the same number of votes for more than one winning entry.
  7. The voting is not open. In the course of the voting users will assess the projects subjectively and can use the criteria outlined below for the respective categories:
    a) Green Office Facility: the environmentally-friendly materials and technology used to ensure the optimum use of energy and water during the building’s operations, as well as the environmental certificates obtained (if applicable): BREEAM, LEED, GBS, DGNB or HQE.
    b) User-Friendly Office: the materials used, the comfort of work, the flexibility of the spatial arrangement, the functionality, access to services, convenience of the location, and the modern technology employed.
    c) Most Interesting Office Facility: design/architecture: building shape, colour scheme, aesthetic properties, originality, references to local traditions or culture, etc.
    d) The Grand Prix: Audience Award – chosen from the winning projects in the above three categories. The vote will take place on December 5th 2017 at the annual event by representatives of the Kraków business service sector. The Grand Prix will be presented during the award gala, at the end of the event.
  8. The results of the Poll will be announced on December 5th


  1. The ‘KRAKÓW’S ACES, 2017’ title is to be awarded in each category of the Poll. The winner will be entitled to use the title for promotional purposes related to the Participant and their building.
  2. The award will be presented to the developer of the winning project.
  3. The winners receive the award in the form of a certificate and are entitled to make a presentation (of up to 5 minutes) on the winning project.


  1. The Administrator of the personal data of the Users and Designers nominated by the Participants is Eurocee Sp. z o.o., registered at ul. Sarmacka 13/92 in Warsaw.
  2. Users’ and Designers’ personal data, such as names and surnames, e-mail addresses, positions and mobile phone numbers, can be used by the Organiser in order to organise and carry out the Poll, to promote the Poll, as well as for presenting or sending the award and for complaint handling in accordance with the Regulations and the Act on the Protection of Personal Data.
  3. The submission of personal data by a participant is voluntary but necessary for participation in the Poll. The submission of the personal data of a Designer by a Participant requires the Designer’s consent. In the course of processing such data, the Participant and the Designer are entitled to inspect and correct their data as well as to revoke their consent for processing it at any time.

The regulations come into force on the date of adoption.